About us



We are JIADE. We build excellent
water well drilling rigs

Established in 2008, we are proud of delivering reliable, durable, robust and cost-effective borehole drilling machines that combines power, precision with productivity and safety, if you want to buy drilling rigs from China, then Jiadedrill may be your best choice!

Through continuous research and development, we have developed innovative production techniques through which the manufactured items have become icons of quality and durability in the market.

We can produce as per specifications and requirements of the clients from all over the world, whether you need a tractor, crawler, trailer or truck-mounted drilling rig, we are always at your service. What’s more, we sell the finest choice of premium drill accessories, issuing our customers with diverse compressors, drill rods, DTH hammers & bits, TCI drill bits, sleeping gear, camp lightening, clay cutters etc.


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