Trailer mounted water well drilling rigs

JT100 - Portable water well drilling rig

it is widely used in industrial and agriculture water project,drill water well,inspect well and other exploration borehole.

Rated for 120m (394 ft) @ 90mm bore (3.5 inch)

Weight: 800 Kg (1764 lbs)

Dimension: 3200*1400*1500mm (When mast is folded down)

Working air pressure: 0.7-1.4Mpa

Air consumption: 7-15 m³/min

Engine: 16.2Kw

Hydraulic tank: 140L (37 gallons)

Drill stem: Φ76mm*2000mm (per piece)

Stroke: 2000mm (6.56 ft)

JT200 - Portable borehole drilling machine

It is lightweight, efficient, multi purpose drilling equipment, which can use air, foam or mud rotary for percussive drilling according to different textures.

Rated for 200m (656 ft) @ 90mm bore (3.54 inch)

Weight: 2800 Kg (6172 lbs)

Dimension: 4400*2100*2300mm (When mast is folded down)

Working air pressure: 1.2-2.46Mpa

Air consumption: 16-25 m³/min

Drill stem: Φ60/76mm*3000mm (per piece)

Drill speed: 0-90 rpm

Drill rotation torque: 2232 Nm

Pullback force: 3813 Kg (8406 lbs)

Stroke: 2000mm (6.54 ft)

slow lift: 1.22m/min

slow forward: 1.88m/min

quick lift: 12.26m/min

quick forward: 16.9m/min

JT300 - Portable hydraulic drilling rig

In drilling hole for geothermal heating it can also meet the engineering basis for reinforcement,loose gravel drilling rock formation connected with a variety of engineering.

Rated for 260m (853 ft) @ 115mm bore (4.5 inch)

Weight: 6000 Kg (13227 lbs)

Dimension: 5425*2250*2470mm (When mast is folded down)

Working air pressure: 1.05-3.0Mpa

Air consumption: 16-30 m³/min

Drill stem: Φ76mm*2000mm (per piece)

Drill speed: 0-100 rpm

Drill rotation torque: 3900 Nm

Pullback force: 6500 Kg (14330 lbs)

Stroke: 2000mm (6.53 ft)

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