Truck mounted drill rig

JDC300 drilling truck

The rig is finely designed, it has a high efficiency which results from the larger torque, it is ideal for drilling water well, construction, national defense building foundation, geological exploration, geothermic well and other foundation working.

Rated for 320m (1050 ft) @ 115mm bore (4.5 inch)

Crawler mounted

Weight: 8700 Kg (19180 lbs)

Dimension: 6500*2100*2600mm (When mast is folded down)

Working air pressure: 1.05-3.5Mpa

Air consumption: 16-40 m³/min

Drill stem: Φ76mm*3000mm (per piece)

Max. Gradability: 25 degree

Driving speed: 0-2.5km/h

Drill rotation torque: 5600 Nm

Pulldown force: 12000 Kg (26455 lbs)

Stroke: 3000mm (9.84 ft)

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